Like any winning team, consistency is key. Your #OhmHour success and our community’s ability to reduce environmental impact depends on consistent performance.

That’s why we recently introduced ‘Streaks’ for our community members who earn points during #OhmHours. Here’s how it works:

  • Start a ‘streak’ by successfully saving energy during an #OhmHour
  • During your next #OhmHour, you’ll receive +5% bonus points if you successfully save energy
  • For each subsequent #OhmHour in your streak, you’ll earn an additional +5% during that specific #OhmHour

You can find the Streaks widget on your dashboard.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.19.18 AM.png

For example, here are the point bonuses you’ll earn on a 5 #OhmHour streak.

  1. #OhmHour 1: +0%
  2. #OhmHour 2: +5%
  3. #OhmHour 3: +10%
  4. #OhmHour 4: +15%
  5. #OhmHour 5: +20%

The Game Rules

Your streak will break if you go over your baseline or opt-out of the event. When you break a streak, you keep all of the previous bonus points you’ve earned, but you won’t get a bonus on your next #OhmHour. Your next streak will start as soon as you successfully save energy during the next #OhmHour. In other words, you don’t need to beat your previous streak to start up again.

For most users, Streaks began Friday, February 10th. Even if you’ve saved during consecutive #OhmHours previous to this date, your streaks will begin on February 10th.

Get your game face on for the next #OhmHour, save some energy, and start posting some sweet bonus points on the scoreboard.