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Back to School

It’s that time of year again. Sharpen your pencils and put on your thinking caps, because it’s time to go ‘Back to School!”

We’d like to remind members of our community with children of our successful OhmConnect for Schools program. It’s a simple program that helps your school or club raise money when your community saves energy. Continue reading “Back to School”

How many Gigawatts?!

The sun is shining on California this summer and showed a bright future for our solar industry.

The California ISO, the organization which operates our grid and pays for your #OhmHour participation, reported that California produced over 8 Gigawatts of solar electricity. This is enough to power nearly 6 million homes or alternatively send Marty McFly back to the future 6 times. This enormous amount of solar power is twice the record from mid-2014. Continue reading “How many Gigawatts?!”

Your Forecast

Forecast. If you’ve been with OhmConnect for a while, you’ve probably seen this term before. You have also probably wondered at some point, “what exactly is a forecast?” This week’s blog post will demystify your forecast and show how OhmConnect uses it to calculate your #OhmHour points.

Continue reading “Your Forecast”

Angels of Aliso

You may have heard of an energy crisis brewing in the Los Angeles region this summer. An enormous methane gas leak erupted late last year causing the natural gas storage facility in Aliso Canyon to shut down. Many of the power plants that relied on its gas won’t be able to fire up this summer. This means energy shortages and potential blackouts for the LA region. Continue reading “Angels of Aliso”

New Community

We’re always excited to hear all your voices at OhmConnect. Our community has been building more excitement and passion about saving energy than ever before in California.

As our community grows, the current discussion board has had difficulty supporting the increasing number discussions and topics our members share. Updating this community discussion board has been a frequently requested improvement. Continue reading “New Community”

Summer is heating up!

We’ve seen forecasts for heatwaves across California, so don’t be surprised if you see an #OhmHour early next week.

With the summer season heating up, we thought it would be a good time to recap some of the #OhmHour 2.0 updates. Since launching the new #OhmHours, our community has seen an average of 10x more points awarded per event! This is fantastic news and is helping spread the idea about getting paid to save energy all across California. Continue reading “Summer is heating up!”

New Gizmos!

We are excited to announce new wifi thermostats for just $9.99! We just integrated with Venstar thermostats, which means that you can now get your hands on an OhmConnect compatible wifi thermostat for a lower cost than ever before. Continue reading “New Gizmos!”

Aliso Canyon Update

Our community is familiar with those ‘polluting peaker plants’ and the greenhouse gases they emit, such as carbon dioxide.

After all, we earn #OhmHour points for saving electricity when those offending power plants start spewing CO2 into the atmosphere. Continue reading “Aliso Canyon Update”

It’s alive! #OhmHour 2.0 is alive!

Our first week of new #OhmHours is behind us and we had an #OhmHour which spanned almost all of California this past Tuesday.

Data has started trickling in, so let’s take a closer look. Our community members earned approximately 10x the points during this #OhmHour as they would have during our past #OhmHours! Continue reading “It’s alive! #OhmHour 2.0 is alive!”

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