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All OhmConnect community members now have $150 in credit to apply against smart device purchases.

If you live in California, you’re entitled to receive payments for saving energy – and OhmConnect wants to cash in. 

OhmConnect sends you notifications once a week when the California needs you to save energy, and pays you when you do. These events are called #OhmHours.

The trouble is that #OhmHours come at random times, and you may not always be home when it’s time to save energy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a device that would automatically save energy without you lifting a finger?

That day has come! OhmConnect is excited to announce the smart device store. As an authorized reseller premiere smart brands, you can purchase smart thermostats, wifi-enabled plugs, and electric vehicle chargers from brands like ecobee and Schneider Electric that automatically save energy during #OhmHours. This means you’ll maximize your energy savings, get a top-rated smart device, and potentially earn $300 per year or more by doing good for the environment.


Even better, OhmConnect is selling these smart devices along with promotions up to $150 in value. For instance, you can purchase an ecobee 3 Thermostat and apply $150 of your future #OhmHour earnings against the upfront cost. 

It’s never been easier to live green and save green. Check it out for yourself here.