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Referral Madness

Note:  our referral awards were changed in May 2017, please see the May 2017 blog post for the update.

Now that OhmConnect is available to everyone in California, we are introducing a new referral dashboard for you to keep better track of who you’ve invited and what status level bonuses you have earned from their participation. Continue reading “Referral Madness”

How could I have used so much energy?

We get this question all the time: how is it possible I used so much energy? Your #OhmHour results come in and you were expecting to knock your forecast out of the park, but instead you used more energy. Continue reading “How could I have used so much energy?”

#OhmHours for Everyone!

Can I receive #OhmHours without connecting my utility?

This is by far the most common question we’ve received over the past three years. We’re excited to announce that everybody in California can receive #OhmHours starting next week! Continue reading “#OhmHours for Everyone!”

Celebrating 2016 with Mr. Ohm

OhmConnect was founded on the idea of rewarding people for saving energy at times when it’s most environmentally beneficial and financially rewarding for California residents.

Here’s a snapshot of what you helped our community achieve:
Continue reading “Celebrating 2016 with Mr. Ohm”

#OhmHour ‘Unplug and Recharge’ Competition

Congratulations to Jasmine W for winning our #OhmHour competition! How did she spend her #OhmHour? She rounded up her family and spent the hour reading stories to each other. We couldn’t think of a more fun way to ‘unplug and recharge’ than that. Continue reading “#OhmHour ‘Unplug and Recharge’ Competition”

Earn up to $75 per referral

Referral and enrollment bonuses have been a key part of growing the OhmConnect community into California’s largest energy payments program.

As the community has grown, we noticed that many new members are worth more than the 2000 point ($20) bonus we currently award for enrolling or referring a new member. Continue reading “Earn up to $75 per referral”

Introducing The New OhmConnect Store

The OhmConnect Store has a new look, featuring fresh updates driven by helpful feedback from our community. Check it out here! Continue reading “Introducing The New OhmConnect Store”

User Spotlight: A Super Saver

We know you’re all interested in learning how to save as much energy as possible during #OhmHours. Last week, we shared some #OhmHour tips and tricks from the OhmConnect team. This week, we’re featuring a spotlight interview with one of our veteran users and super savers, David S. Continue reading “User Spotlight: A Super Saver”

Hitting an #OhmRun

Beating Your Forecast: Three Steps for #OhmHour Success

We know the feeling. “I spent that entire #OhmHour reading by candlelight, but my usage was still pretty high! What am I missing?”

There are many factors that influence electricity consumption in the home, and it’s difficult to guarantee #OhmHour success. However, if you follow a few key principles and know some tips and tricks, you can get pretty darn good at it. This page is here to help you get started on your journey toward #OhmHour mastery. Continue reading “Hitting an #OhmRun”

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