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Saving Money

Top 7 Ways Renters Can Reduce Energy During #OhmHours [INFOGRAPHIC]




User Spotlight: A Super Saver

We know you’re all interested in learning how to save as much energy as possible during #OhmHours. Last week, we shared some #OhmHour tips and tricks from the OhmConnect team. This week, we’re featuring a spotlight interview with one of our veteran users and super savers, David S. Continue reading “User Spotlight: A Super Saver”

Open for Business!

All OhmConnect community members now have $150 in credit to apply against smart device purchases.

If you live in California, you’re entitled to receive payments for saving energy – and OhmConnect wants to cash in. 

OhmConnect sends you notifications once a week when the California needs you to save energy, and pays you when you do. These events are called #OhmHours.

Continue reading “Open for Business!”

The Supreme Court Rules in OhmConnect’s Favor!

Ok, that’s not exactly how the headlines read. But if you skimmed the news on Monday, chances are you noticed stories like “Supreme Court Upholds Efforts on Managing Electricity Use Through Pricing” and “FERC’s ‘Demand Response’ Rule Upheld by U.S. Supreme Court”. Continue reading “The Supreme Court Rules in OhmConnect’s Favor!”

Happy New Year from Mr. Ohm!

With the historic Paris Climate Agreement now in our rearview mirror, we look forward to the road ahead to address climate change with measurable and actionable steps. The OhmConnect community understands that these government driven interventions highlight the importance of these issues, but Continue reading “Happy New Year from Mr. Ohm!”

#DoubleDown #OhmHour

We’re excited to introduce the #DoubleDown #OhmHour! Many of you have been requesting an option to extend your #OhmHour participation into the following hour, since you occasionally receive them up to 25 minutes into the hour. Continue reading “#DoubleDown #OhmHour”

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