Here at OhmConnect, #OhmHours are one of the highlights of our week. We relish the opportunity to flick off our lights, give our thermostats a break and get paid for doing something good for our planet.

But even more than our own happiness, we LOVE hearing the stories of how folks spend this unplugged time outside our office walls and this week’s story brought huge smiles to our faces. Check out this awesome note we received from Vince, an OhmConnect customer about how he and his two sons spent last week’s #OhmHour:

“During Earth Week at the boys’ pre-school, they learned about recycling and “keeping the Earth clean, so it doesn’t get sick.”  And during one of our regular walks to the nearby park, Carter notices trash along the way and out of the blue, he says we need to clean it up.  So he asks if he can come back to pick it up one day.  I know what you’re thinking – ‘What 3-year (or even older) is eager to pick-up garbage without their parents making them?!?!’

So to keep this green train going, I go online that evening to look for grabbers that are short enough for them – most were almost as tall as them =).  But we didn’t have time to pick up garbage until 2 weeks after we got the grabbers.  And I gotta tell you, it was almost getting to the point of being annoying (but nonetheless cute) because Carter was literally asking everyday when we could pick up garbage (he did the same thing until we finally found time to vacuum our cars).

So what better time to do this than during an OhmHour when we would also be saving energy?  So off we went.  They ended up filling an entire grocery bag.  About 95% was garbage they picked up all by themselves as they alternated between who held the bag and who grabbed the trash – I had to pick up a couple of heavy bottles for them.”

Thank you Vince for sharing your story!


We love that OhmConnect can be a win-win-win-WIN! For Vince,

  1. He and his family earned money for participating in the #OhmHour
  2. The grid had a better chance of being balanced during that time because of the participation of Vince and thousands of other #OhmHour participants
  3. Cleaner energy sources reduce emissions for the world
  4. The park near their home got a bit cleaner that day!

Have you got a story of your #OhmHour win-win-win-win? We want to hear it! Drop us a line at and we might feature it on our blog and social media.

Happy powering down!