New Status Level and $20 Referrals Are Live!

As you read last week, we made some significant updates to our Status Level and Referral program as of today.

How you achieve higher Status Levels

By popular request, we are introducing Status Levels that depend on the average percentage savings you achieve during #OhmHours. This will level the playing field for our energy-conscious members who use very little to begin with and therefore have small forecasts! The average will be measured over your previous 20 #OhmHours.

  • Platinum status requires an average savings of 40% or more beneath your forecasts
  • Gold status requires an average savings of 20% or more
  • Silver status requires an average savings of less than 20%

For example, if your forecasted usage for an #Ohmhour was 1.0kWh and you actually used 0.6 kWh, that would be a 40% reduction. Remember though, your status level is not determined by a single #OhmHour. It’s based on your average percentage savings over the previous 20 events.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.16.47 AM.png

All your #OhmHours will be incorporated into this average. While opting out will prevent you from losing points during that event, your data for that #OhmHour will still be used to calculate your average percentage energy savings.

What’s the benefit of getting into a higher status level?

Our community has requested ongoing bonuses that are tied to status levels, so the one-time status level bonuses are going the way of the Dodo. You will now receive #OhmHour point multipliers that depend on the status level you are in.


  • Platinum status members will receive a 4x multiplier on #OhmHour points
  • Gold status members will receive a 2x multiplier on #OhmHour points
  • Silver status members will receive no #OhmHour point multiplier.


How does this affect referrals?

$20 referrals are back! As of today, all new referrals will be worth 2000 points once they reach Silver and there will no longer be additional bonuses when a referral reaches Gold or Platinum (regardless of when that member signed up).

What if I have solar?

We are working with the utilities to separate out consumption and generation data for solar users.  Soon, you won’t need to worry about whether it is cloudy – your #OhmHour will just measure your consumption and won’t be impacted by how much your solar produces.