Now that OhmConnect is available to everyone in California, we are introducing a new referral dashboard for you to keep better track of who you’ve invited and what status level bonuses you have earned from their participation.

How to Refer

As always, you can refer your friends and family by simply sharing your referral link or using our social tools. You can find both on your referral page.


What Are Referrals Worth?

You earn bonuses as your referrals achieve higher status levels. For instance, when a friend or family member you referred first achieves the Silver status level, you will earn 500 points. Gold and Platinum are worth 2000 and 5000 points, respectively. In total, that’s a potential 7500 points for a single referral!


How Do I Track Referrals?

Since the value of your referral is now tied to the highest status level that they achieved, we have refreshed your referral page to display the following:



  • Display Name, so you know who’s who
  • Signup Date, the date that your referral first created an account
  • Highest Status, this is the highest status level that your referral has achieved. Keep in mind that many people fluctuate status levels based on performance. This displays ‘highest’ since that’s what your referral bonuses are tied to.
  • Referral Points, these are the cumulative referral points earned from this referral
  • Remind, if the user is eligible to connect his or her utility account, this will send a reminder email to them to connect and sign their enrollment form (CISR)

For the referral pros out there, you can also click to download a referral CSV to get the full detail report on when status levels were achieved, if CISRs are still waiting to be approved, and more.

Note:  our referral awards were changed in May 2017, please see the May 2017 blog post to reference the updated program.