We get this question all the time: how is it possible I used so much energy? Your #OhmHour results come in and you were expecting to knock your forecast out of the park, but instead you used more energy.

We’ve written before about the best tips and tricks for beating your #OhmHour forecast and shared this resource to help you find the items in your home that are the biggest culprits of guzzling energy. The New York Times has also written about this.

So here’s the challenge: audit your home’s energy usage.

Whether you’ve got a one-bedroom apartment or five-bedroom home, look around for anything that uses electricity. Go room by room. What’s plugged in in the kitchen? Think. You’ve got your coffeemaker. Your fridge. Your toaster. Anything else? Is anything on a timer?

Bedroom. What’s plugged into the outlets? Lights, alarm clock, television? Again, anything on a timer? Anything with a remote?

Perhaps the most overlooked of all locations is outside. If you’ve got a pool heater, or outside lights on a timer, remember that these are using electricity!

Finally, make sure to include your cable box, modem, etc.

Now, Here’s Your Challenge

Make a list of all the items using electricity in every room. Let us know which item you found that you were not expecting. We’ll discuss over in the forum.