Can I receive #OhmHours without connecting my utility?

This is by far the most common question we’ve received over the past three years. We’re excited to announce that everybody in California can receive #OhmHours starting next week!

Starting next week, new OhmConnect members only need to provide their zip code and email address to create a basic Bronze account and start receiving #OhmHours.

Instead of earning points, members of this new Bronze program can win prizes for participating in #OhmHours. Bronze program members can also earn points by referring others to OhmConnect. Referrals for users who reach a Platinum status are worth $75!

Invite your friends across the state to join OhmConnect today! They can now win prizes and help the grid as a Bronze member.

Here’s some more detail on how the new program works:

Simplified Sign Up

Signing up for the new OhmConnect Bronze program is a breeze. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter in your zip code
  2. Create a basic account (email and password)

How #OhmHours for New Bronze Users Works

Just like our Silver, Gold, and Platinum community members, users in this new program will receive #OhmHours through email, text message, or push notification.

The one difference is that we ask our Bronze members to report what they did to save energy after receiving the #OhmHour notification. These users have to self report what they did because we don’t have smart meter data for them.









How rewards work

Instead of receiving points, Bronze members will receive prizes, ranging from discounts on our store, to having their energy bills paid for a year — even a 3-year Tesla Model S lease for participating in #OhmHours.

Every time Bronze users report that they’ve saved energy, they will earn a ‘spin of the wheel.’ Each spin offers  the chance to be randomly awarded OhmConnect collectibles. As part of the Bronze program, when you collect all the collectibles in a set, you win the prize associated with that set! In the example below, collect all three items in order to redeem the Store Discount!


Let us know what types of prizes you think would be fun for new users! We’d love to update these frequently based on user requests.

How Does This Affect Current Bronze  Members?

As of today, this revamped Bronze program is only available to new users, but we’ll be rolling it out to our entire community soon.

If you’re an existing member with a Bronze status level, you will be rolled into this new program on January 26th. If you wish to earn points for #OhmHours, or if you want to cash out any points you currently have on balance, you must attain a ‘Silver’ status or higher before January 26th.

If you are unable to attain Silver status before January 26th, your points will expire as you are transitioned into the new program. If you achieve Silver status before January 26th, 2018, your legacy points will be reinstated upon request.

Share Your Feedback

Let us know what you think about #OhmHours for Bronze users and how to spread them across California and the rest of the nation!