OhmConnect was founded on the idea of rewarding people for saving energy at times when it’s most environmentally beneficial and financially rewarding for California residents.

Here’s a snapshot of what you helped our community achieve:


Over this past year, you and our community has helped prevent 3.1 million pounds of CO2 from being emitted.

What’s another way of looking at this? Imagine our community planting 64,200 trees. That’s an entire forest tended by Mr. Ohm!

How has our seedling community accomplished so much? Because over the past year, our community passed over 1 million+ #OhmHour events sent.

A few key updates that were suggested by our users helped tremendously, including:

New and Improved #OhmHours

  • Day-Ahead #OhmHour notifications – one of our most frequently requested updates to #OhmHour was receiving notifications the day before the event. Now our community have a heads up to plan for #OhmHour events.
  • Increased Payouts – users who started with us prior to January 2016 have noticed significantly increased #OhmHour payouts. This is thanks to our enhanced program and negotiation with state regulators and utilities.

Community Enablement

Our community also grew from other updates including:

  • It’s easier than ever to collaborate and share your experience with our community with our new forum, featuring @ replies, conversation threading, and searchability.
  • Store 2.0 – the improved OhmConnect store has given you exclusive access to the best offers available in the latest smart home tech.

Status Levels

To help you navigate the utility enrollment process and coach you to improve your personal performance, we recently launched ‘Status Levels.’

This new program rewards you for joining or referring new members with up to $75 when you or your referral consistently perform well during #OhmHours.

What does 2017 hold?

As we enter the new year, we hope to allow everybody to receive and respond to #OhmHours – regardless of their utility or where they live.

Stay tuned early next year for more details.