Congratulations to Jasmine W for winning our #OhmHour competition! How did she spend her #OhmHour? She rounded up her family and spent the hour reading stories to each other. We couldn’t think of a more fun way to ‘unplug and recharge’ than that.

How did everyone else spend their #OhmHours? You can take a look at the results from a survey we ran a few weeks ago asking exactly that. Here’s the result to the question: “What do you do during an #OhmHour after you’ve turned everything off?”


With our ‘always on’ lives, it’s become more and more difficult to set aside quality time with families. We’ve heard from community members time and time again that #OhmHours are a great spark for a ‘family night,’ so we’re not surprised to see this as the most common response on the survey.

Living alone in a bachelor(ette) pad? Most of our younger community members use #OhmHours as an excuse to get some fresh air outside. “Go for a walk” came in second place and rounding out the top five were ‘read a book,’ ‘run errands’ and ‘get extra work done at cafe.’

What’s this writer’s opinion? ‘Candlelit dinner’ is an easy and fun way score some brownie points, so why not earn some actual points while you’re at it?!

Have thoughts? Let us know how you think people should ‘unplug and recharge’ during #OhmHours on our community.