**Please note that these requirements are outdated. You can reference the new referral requirements here.**

Referral and enrollment bonuses have been a key part of growing the OhmConnect community into California’s largest energy payments program.

As the community has grown, we noticed that many new members are worth more than the 2000 point ($20) bonus we currently award for enrolling or referring a new member.

Today, we’re excited to unveil our new enrollment and referral program.

Starting November 18th, our community members can now earn up to $75 for referring a new member and up to $75 for enrolling in OhmConnect.

How the new referral program works

When you refer a new member to OhmConnect, you receive bonuses as he or she or he achieves higher status levels.

  1. 500 points for Silver
  2. 2000 points for Gold
  3. 5000 points for Platinum

When your referral reaches Platinum status, you will have earned a total of 7500 bonus points (500 + 2000 + 5000) for that referral. You can refresh yourself on the requirements for each status level here.

As a reminder, our best referrers have found that posting their referral link to Facebook, Twitter, a personal blog, or sending via email works best. Including a short and personal note tends to improve your conversion rate.

How the new enrollment bonuses work

Similar to the referral program, new users will receive one-time bonuses as they achieve a higher status levels for the first time.

  1. 500 points for Silver
  2. 2000 points for Gold
  3. 5000 points for Platinum

Read this blog post from a few weeks ago that shares some tips and tricks on how to best save during #OhmHours and level up.

Important Note for Current Members

We wanted to take a minute and discuss how this update affects current members.

Despite having already been awarded the legacy 2000-point enrollment bonus, current members will still receive the new bonuses when they level up to a higher status level.

For instance, if you’re currently a ‘Gold’ level member, you will receive the 5000 ‘Platinum’ level bonus when you achieve that status. You will not, however, receive the 2000-point ‘Gold’ level bonus retroactively.

If you’re currently a ‘Silver’ level member, you will not receive the 500 point ‘Silver’ level bonus retroactively, but you will receive another 2000 points if you achieve a Gold-level status.

Onwards and Upwards

We hope you are all as excited about this update as we are on the OhmConnect team. Let’s make sure that California continues setting an example for the rest of the nation in making smarter energy choices. And of course, let’s all ‘Save Energy and Get Paid.’