Please note that this offer is outdated. You can reference currently available offers on the store.


The OhmConnect Store has a new look, featuring fresh updates driven by helpful feedback from our community. Check it out here!

The new store boasts four features to keep OhmConnect at the forefront of providing the best available deals to help you save energy at home: member discounts, free shipping, gift cards and rebates.

Member Discounts

All OhmConnect members now receive a straight 5% discount off all items sold at the OhmConnect Store. No strings attached.

We want you to trust that the OhmConnect Store will always get you the best available deal on any of the items we sell. If you see a better price, let us know so we can stay competitive.

Free Shipping

All orders placed on the OhmConnect Store include free shipping. Your order will arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 days (and often sooner).

Gift Cards

If you have completed the process of enrolling in OhmConnect (meaning you have a status level of Silver, Gold or Platinum), you can now spend your points on an OhmConnect Store Gift Card. These cards do not expire and are non-refundable.

Buying an OhmConnect Store Gift Card gives you the best possible value for your points. If you choose to purchase a gift card rather than cash out directly, we round up the value of points you spend on a gift card to give you a bonus value. For example: Spend 2000 points and get a gift card worth $30. Spend 5000 points and get a card worth $70. Spend 10,000 points and get a card worth $130. Or – for you high rollers out there – spend 30,000 points and get a card worth $350. The more points you spend on a Gift Card, the bigger the bonus that we add to it – because we want to encourage our users to automate their homes.

If you buy a gift card but decide you don’t want to spend it all at once, apply your gift card on your first purchase and we’ll automatically send you a new code that carries over any remaining value. For example, if you use a $45 card to buy one TP-LINK smart plug at $37.99, we’ll send you a new card worth $7.01 (or maybe even a few bucks more) that does not expire.


Many members have already claimed the 1000 point bonus that OhmConnect awards for the first smart device you connect to to your account. This connection bonus is still active, and it applies to any smart device that works with OhmConnect (other than cell phones) – regardless of where you bought that device.

If you buy a new device from our store and you have Gold or Platinum status when you connect it to your account, you’ll now earn additional rebates as well. Gold and Platinum members earn 2500 points for each smart thermostat and 500 points for each smart plug purchased from the OhmConnect Store and connected to their accounts. These rebates are awarded automatically after you connect – no mail-in hassle required!

(The Fine Print: Rebates can only redeemed on devices that were purchased from the OhmConnect store on or after November 10th, 2016. Previous purchases that were made using a promo code and credit points are not eligible for rebates.)

What happened to the credit points and promo codes from the old OhmConnect Store?

If you’ve been around OhmConnect for a while, you’ll notice that the new store leaves some things behind from our previous model – namely, credit points and promo codes.

Since we launched the first version of the OhmConnect Store, we’ve heard feedback from our community that the credit points and promo codes we were using were too complex and hard to understand. Furthermore, we heard that many members would prefer to spend their current points directly on the store – perhaps with a bit of bonus added – rather than get a cheap price up front and use future points to pay down the remainder of the device cost over time. We listened to you, and we also added in an extra discount that’s accessible to all members and some meaty rebates for members who have worked their way up to a premium status level. So, there you have it: this new approach to our store that fits a lot better with the expressed desires of our community.

Purchases made on or after November 10th, 2016 will no longer be eligible for applying promo codes and credit points. If you have previously made a purchase using credit points and are still working to restore your balance, your future points will continue to be applied in the same fashion. Eighty percent of new points earned will be used to refill your credit balance until that balance is paid off. You can check your outstanding credit balance at any time by clicking “Download Point History” at the bottom right corner of the #OhmHour Performance widget on your dashboard.

Go forth and automate!

We hope you enjoy the new OhmConnect Store and use it to automate your #OhmHour participation with top-quality smart home devices. As always, we welcome your feedback on this new store and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas here.

Check out the new store here!