Please note that these requirements are outdated. You can reference the new status level requirements here.

We’re excited to reveal one of the upcoming changes you can expect to see soon on your dashboard: Status Levels.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll notice the ‘To Do’ list on your dashboard will be replaced with your ‘Status Level.’ Similar to an airline frequent flyer program, each status level will have varying features and benefits. You will be able to advance your status level by:

  1. Ensuring that your account enrollment is complete, and
  2. Achieving strong and consistent energy savings during your #OhmHours.

This update is designed to help our users with three key goals. First, we want to recognize and reward users who are able to achieve those strong energy savings on a consistent basis. Second, we want to make it easier for you to understand the steps you can take to save more energy. Third, we want to make it easier for you to notice when there is an issue with your account that might limit your ability to get paid for your savings.

The OhmConnect status levels we’ll be rolling out are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Below, you can find a brief summary of what it takes to attain each status level. We’ll be sharing more specific details about each level over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you can use this overview to start thinking about what you might need to work on to level up.

  • Bronze
    • You have signed up for a basic OhmConnect account.
  • Silver
    • You have attained Bronze status, plus:
    • You have completed full enrollment of your utility account and your account forms have been approved by your utility.
  • Gold
    • You have attained Silver status, plus:
    • You have hit your first “OhmRun” (meaning you have at least one #OhmHour in which you achieved a really big reduction) and you have a strong track record of saving energy in the majority of your recent #OhmHours.
  • Platinum
    • You attained Gold status, plus:
    • You have a really strong track record of saving energy in the vast majority of your recent #OhmHours.

To give you a peek behind the scenes, you may be interested to learn that OhmConnect only earns money for users who save energy and are ‘Silver’ level or higher. We let you participate and earn money in #OhmHours as soon as you connect your utility, but we don’t actually receive payment for your individual contributions until your account is verified by your utility! With that in mind, we encourage you to achieve the ‘Silver’ level or higher as soon as you can, so we can keep the #OhmHour payments flowing!

How do I improve my status level?

When you click on your status level widget, you will see a page detailing the steps you need to take to attain each status level.


This Tune-Up page is designed to help you understand all the requirements associated with each level, and what action you can take to reach the next level. This page is your guide to making sure you’re on track to succeed with OhmConnect (and to help OhmConnect succeed as well).

Check back here frequently to see how close you are to gaining the next status level, and to notice if something changes with your account. For example, one of the requirements for maintaining Silver status is that the address associated with your account is the same as it appears on the agreement form you signed. If you move to a new home and your service address changes, your status level will change back to Bronze until you sign a new form and that form is approved by your utility. The Tune-Up page will prompt you to take the necessary actions to reach the next level.

In the coming months, we will announce new features and benefits associated with each status level, so try to level up as soon as you can. To help you with that challenge, we’ll be sharing some tips next week to help you beat your #OhmHour forecast consistently.