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October 2016

User Spotlight: A Super Saver

We know you’re all interested in learning how to save as much energy as possible during #OhmHours. Last week, we shared some #OhmHour tips and tricks from the OhmConnect team. This week, we’re featuring a spotlight interview with one of our veteran users and super savers, David S. Continue reading “User Spotlight: A Super Saver”

Hitting an #OhmRun

Beating Your Forecast: Three Steps for #OhmHour Success

We know the feeling. “I spent that entire #OhmHour reading by candlelight, but my usage was still pretty high! What am I missing?”

There are many factors that influence electricity consumption in the home, and it’s difficult to guarantee #OhmHour success. However, if you follow a few key principles and know some tips and tricks, you can get pretty darn good at it. This page is here to help you get started on your journey toward #OhmHour mastery. Continue reading “Hitting an #OhmRun”

Level Up!

Please note that these requirements are outdated. You can reference the new status level requirements here.

We’re excited to reveal one of the upcoming changes you can expect to see soon on your dashboard: Status Levels.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll notice the ‘To Do’ list on your dashboard will be replaced with your ‘Status Level.’ Similar to an airline frequent flyer program, each status level will have varying features and benefits. You will be able to advance your status level by: Continue reading “Level Up!”

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