We’ve seen forecasts for heatwaves across California, so don’t be surprised if you see an #OhmHour early next week.

With the summer season heating up, we thought it would be a good time to recap some of the #OhmHour 2.0 updates. Since launching the new #OhmHours, our community has seen an average of 10x more points awarded per event! This is fantastic news and is helping spread the idea about getting paid to save energy all across California.

While a stressed out grid means the rewards for successful #OhmHour participation have increased, it also means that our community gets penalized when we tell the grid operators we are going to save but don’t successfully deliver on that promise. As a result, starting in the next #OhmHour, members who participate but don’t successfully save energy may see negative points. We know that occasionally members try their best to save, but for some reason or another, the ‘expected usage’ was abnormally high and they inadvertently use more than is expected. For this reason, we’ve built in a small ‘buffer,’ so you won’t be penalized for small infractions.

Members also now have greater control over their participation. You can give us a heads up whether you’ll be participating in each event by clicking through the confirmation link in the #OhmHour text message and email you will receive. By opting-out of the event, you will neither earn points nor lose points for that specific event.

Lastly, we are continuing to see very exciting growth of our community around the state, but one downside of that growth has been that we’ve started to accrue large PayPal service charges from all the cash out transactions. We have made the tough decision to raise the cash out limit from $5 to $20 to minimize this extra cost, which takes money away from what we can pay our members to save energy.

Thanks as always for your membership in our community, and we look forward to watching the amazing results that the OhmConnect community is sure to deliver for the grid this summer. Stay tuned for an #OhmHour coming your way!