We are excited to announce new wifi thermostats for just $9.99! We just integrated with Venstar thermostats, which means that you can now get your hands on an OhmConnect compatible wifi thermostat for a lower cost than ever before.

Our team also tested a batch of new wifi controllable plugs. They found that the TP-Link plugs set up in just a couple minutes and were the most reliable. These normally retail for $39.99 each, but you can purchase them with OhmConnect at the price of $9.99.

For a cool $20, you can now equip your home with two gizmos that save energy, automatically earn #OhmHour points, and definitely do not turn into gremlins when fed after midnight.

Here’s the quick rundown:

  1. Venstar ColorTouch T7850 Thermostat: $59.99 OhmConnect price (Normally $209.99 after tax)
  2. Venstar Voyager T3700 Thermostat and wifi module: $9.99 OhmConnect price (Normally $104.99 after tax)
  3. TP-LINK HS-110 Smart Plug: $9.99 OhmConnect price (Normally $39.99)


Note:  our incentive and reward program changed in May 2017, please see the May 2017 blog post for the update.