Our first week of new #OhmHours is behind us and we had an #OhmHour which spanned almost all of California this past Tuesday.

Data has started trickling in, so let’s take a closer look. Our community members earned approximately 10x the points during this #OhmHour as they would have during our past #OhmHours!

This particular event occurred from 4 – 6PM, so one of the common questions we received from users was, “How can I automate my participation?”

About two months ago, we announced our integration of the ecobee3 thermostat along with a new credit system we tested to give our community members $150 off the purchase price. Not only does this thermostat automate your #OhmHour participation, but it also gives you a best-in-class user experience and intelligent home climate control.

Users who connect a wifi thermostat to OhmConnect earn on average 3x the points, so we’re excited to announce today that:

  1. We’ve partnered with Schneider Electric, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturing companies, to offer their new Wiser Air thermostat to our community at $89.99 plus tax.
  2. The credit system is available to everyone today! You can check your dashboard to see how many points of credit you have available to purchase a wifi thermostat.

Our community now has the choice between two best-in-class thermostats at $150 less than you would pay upfront at an online or retail store. Most importantly, by connecting a wifi thermostat to OhmConnect, you’re helping to build an entire network of smart thermostats that help the grid stay balanced, clean, and sustainable. Check out the Wiser Air and ecobee3.