We launched #OhmHour to pay Californians for using less energy from dirty power plants.

It’s a simple idea that has spread quickly across the state. Based on feedback from our growing community, we’re excited to preview some upcoming changes to #OhmHour starting on June 23rd.

  • Improved Rewards
  • Advance Notification & Longer Events
  • More Control

Let’s dive into some more detail around these updates.

Improved Rewards

New #OhmHours will be more valuable, both in terms of points and keeping dirty power plants offline. We anticipate that you’ll see earnings between 200 – 1000 points for many of the events this summer.

Our new #OhmHours are expected to have so much impact on the grid that OhmConnect will incur significant penalties when a user does not save during an event.

In order to encourage participation in all events, users who do not save during #OhmHours will now lose points. 

All the way from San Francisco, we can hear you saying, “Lose points?! No way!” Keep in mind that in order to increase the points we award for each #OhmHour, we also need to avoid those stiff grid penalties. The best way to avoid those penalties is to actively discourage users from ignoring #OhmHours.

Rest assured, if you consistently save during #OhmHours, you’ll see a significant increase in your total points awarded moving forward.

Advance Notification & Longer Events

You will now be informed of #OhmHours at least 10 minutes before the event starts. Sometimes, you may even receive notification the day prior to the event! This will give you ample time to plan how you’ll save energy during the event, such as pre-cooling your home in the morning so you can stay comfortable in the afternoon without A/C.

Instead of 30 minute – 1 hour events, #OhmHours may now last up to 4 hours. This means you have even more time to earn.

More Control

You will now be able to choose how many #OhmHours you are willing to receive each week. Many of the forthcoming #OhmHours will occur within the 1PM – 9PM time window. On June 23rd, we will push an automatic, one-time adjustment to your settings to include this period. You can make further adjustments at any time.

We are planning to rollout the new #OhmHour starting on June 23rd. Stay tuned in these coming weeks for more information, including a deeper dive into why #OhmHours are changing in next week’s blog.