Last week, we asked what you’d like to see improved the most on OhmConnect. The answer? Improve the visibility and control you have of your account settings.

Mr. Ohm has categorized your settings into four sections: 1) User Profile, 2) Utility Settings, 3) Privacy, and 4) #OhmHour. Let’s take a deeper dive into each section.

User Profile

You can control your display name, change your OhmConnect password (not your utility password), profile picture, and email address here.


Utility Settings

Here’s where the heavy lifting happened. You now have a live look at your utility’s connection and data stream to OhmConnect.


If there’s ever a problem accessing your utility account, you’ll find the recommended steps to resolve that problem here. If you’re a recent community member, you can also track your enrollment status in the “Service Account” section and see if there are any next steps you need to take.


Control who sees information about your OhmConnect participation.


#OhmHour and Notifications

Choose which notifications you receive, how you receive them, and the time of day you’d like to receive #OhmHours.


You can check out your new settings page here.