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June 2016

It’s alive! #OhmHour 2.0 is alive!

Our first week of new #OhmHours is behind us and we had an #OhmHour which spanned almost all of California this past Tuesday.

Data has started trickling in, so let’s take a closer look. Our community members earned approximately 10x the points during this #OhmHour as they would have during our past #OhmHours! Continue reading “It’s alive! #OhmHour 2.0 is alive!”

Why #OhmHours are Changing

Last week, we announced that new and more valuable #OhmHours are coming your way. These start today on June 23rd. This week, we’d like to explain why #OhmHours are changing.

First, let’s cover the basics. Continue reading “Why #OhmHours are Changing”

#OhmHour 2.0

We launched #OhmHour to pay Californians for using less energy from dirty power plants.

It’s a simple idea that has spread quickly across the state. Based on feedback from our growing community, we’re excited to preview some upcoming changes to #OhmHour starting on June 23rd.

  • Improved Rewards
  • Advance Notification & Longer Events
  • More Control

Continue reading “#OhmHour 2.0”

Ask and you shall receive!

Last week, we asked what you’d like to see improved the most on OhmConnect. The answer? Improve the visibility and control you have of your account settings. Continue reading “Ask and you shall receive!”

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