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May 2016

Open for Business!

Please note that these requirements are outdated. You can reference the new status level requirements here.

All OhmConnect community members now have $150 in credit to apply against smart device purchases.

If you live in California, you’re entitled to receive payments for saving energy – and OhmConnect wants to cash in. 

OhmConnect sends you notifications once a week when the California needs you to save energy, and pays you when you do. These events are called #OhmHours.

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Germany Hits a Renewables Record!

Germany was sunny and breezy this past Sunday. It was so sunny that renewables produced 87% of the country’s power, which is a record amount.

Scotty from the USS Enterprise didn’t have an excuse this time…

While this was a phenomenal accomplishment, so much renewable energy brought another side effect: the price of electricity was negative. In other words, Germany was producing too much power and would pay you to use more.

While Germany didn’t have a system in place to actually do this, OhmConnect does! Our longtime users may remember something from last summer called a “Reverse #OhmHour.” During these events you earned points for using more electricity.

With all the solar panels getting installed in CA, who knows…we may see those “Reverse #OhmHours” again sometime this summer.

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