With the historic Paris Climate Agreement now in our rearview mirror, we look forward to the road ahead to address climate change with measurable and actionable steps. The OhmConnect community understands that these government driven interventions highlight the importance of these issues, but also that real action rests on the shoulders of every person. Individual and community action is what will reduce our reliance on carbon-intensive power sources. A key part of this is to take the grid’s dirtiest and most inefficient power plants offline. It’s an achievable and highly visible milestone. A milestone that has struck a chord with our community because #OhmHours are simple, fun, and most importantly, impactful.

The result of our team #OhmHour participation is nothing short of amazing. We’ve seen nearly one million pounds of CO2 abated and groups have raised thousands of dollars in donations by reducing their reliance on the grid’s dirtiest power plants. These fundraisers have injected much needed funding for local clean energy projects, such as Everybody Solar, and school programs such as Grades of Green, Diablo Basic Parents Club, and Springer Elementary.

What makes this all the more incredible is how much impact has been created by our growing and passionate group of #OhmHour participants. Just imagine what could be accomplished if every home in California participated in #OhmHours. Not only would this eliminate our communities’ reliance on outdated fossil-fueled “peaker plants,” but would also clear the path to install 27GW of solar panels. Widespread use of solar power is accelerated by  #OhmHour participation. Yet, as great as solar technology is, it is still at the mercy of those pesky clouds. However, with enough people reducing their power use during smartly orchestrated times, we can harness that power with reliability and confidence.

This is why it’s so important that you and your community continue to grow #OhmHour participation. Individuals reducing alone can’t turn off these damaging power plants, but as a collective effort, we can see solar flourish and fossil fuels diminish. As we continue to grow and build upon the successes of this past year, we also hope that you continue to encourage friends, family, and your community to participate in #OhmHours. In 2016, our goal is to reduce 50 million pounds of CO2 and together we see a bright future ahead.