We’re excited to unveil the new “Invite to team” widget today. Many of you have requested a way to add existing OhmConnect users to your teams, so we’ve taken the opportunity to build an easy way to browse through users near you, invite them, plus see the relative performance of each community member. Here’s how it works:

On the team page, you’ll notice a new widget in the upper right hand corner that looks like this.


This widget shows you users who are near you and how well they participate in events. These stats are based on a rolling 6-month basis and we’ve broken down our community’s participation into three categories:

The electricity bolt represents the percentage of #OhmHours you reduce.

  • 1 = 60% or greater
  • 2 = 70% or greater
  • 3 = 80% or greater
  • 4 = 90% or greater

The friend icon represents how many users you have referred.

  • 1 = 2 referrals
  • 2 = 5 referrals
  • 3 = 10 referrals
  • 4 = 20 referrals

The wifi icon represents how many connected devices you have connected and mobile phones count!

On a very encouraging note, we’ve noticed that people participating on teams are more active, reduce more reliably, and in general help us towards our goal of eliminating our communities’ reliance on those polluting peaker plants. Keep on reducing, everyone!