We’re excited to introduce the #DoubleDown #OhmHour! Many of you have been requesting an option to extend your #OhmHour participation into the following hour, since you occasionally receive them up to 25 minutes into the hour.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.23.58 PM

Now you can continue your reductions for two hours if you receive a #DoubleDown notice. (Read our blog post from September 17th, which explains why it’s normal to receive #OhmHours into the hour.)

Not only are #DoubleDown #OhmHours exciting for the user experience, but we are also seeing interest in the #DoubleDown #OhmHour from the energy markets. These are the markets that your energy reductions are sold into to pay for your #OhmHour points. In our discussions, they have been interested about seeing long term reductions for 2-4 hours in order to turn off power plants that take longer to ramp up. The grid would sometimes prefer 4 hour windows of reductions, which while imprecise, is aligned with current energy market products such as “resource adequacy” and “capacity”. While our traditional #OhmHour focuses on the hourly energy markets, these #DoubleDown #OhmHours will help us provide new services to the energy markets and hopefully increase the value we can deliver to you.